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Concussions and the knack to stay in the game…

Listening to the news lately, the theme is sports safety after sustaining a concussion. Did you See that? As a former co-educational high school Physical Educator, I have observed where the competetive drive  comes from in some of the athletes…Parents who just don’t quit. Want to see their kid be the star player, get alot of trophies, and perhaps a scholarship to a prestegious university. All fair and game they say. Yet, as a nurse of concern, I know that multiple head trauma and concussions play the neuro-deficit game with one’s mind. The news shows girls who sustained multiple concussions, with repeated sports play, now not being able to function. It is about time such potential of long lasting injury to the public is addressed. For those who love sports and the competition, we know the risk can always exist, but once the damage is done, its like a popped balloon, you can’t bring it back, so stop trying to blow it up again.    


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