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ANOTHER DAY in the life of a Nurse

Happy 70th Birthday Paul!

IN HONOR of my all -time favorite musician’s 70th Birthday today – I would like to blog on the importance of being ones best. First and foremost, It is Paul McCartney who is BEST for me in music…Yes, it’s a Beatles’ “70th” Birthday! Happy Birthday Paul. Now what does this have to do with nursing education, you might ask? It’s about helping others become their best, just as Paul has given his best and is so dedicated to his fans….a nurse is dedicated to her patient(s). As Educators we need to spark the excitement of what our love for the profession is all about to developing minds. Paul had his mentors: His father was a Jazz musician, he followed Little Richard and Elvis Presley, and often has admits to being a Buddy Holly fan. Novice nurses need mentors just the same. Examples of what they will become in the future. Students enjoy when the instructor uses real-life clinical examples in their learning discussions…you can read it in their eyes. They ask questions and it helps them to become their best. They come to know in time that they dream of the life experiences to be able to share with others. Similar to how Sir Paul McCartney shares his expertise with others (like in supporting schools of music and playing with learning, novice musicians).  In addition, the sharing of expertise with others as a “team” is most important as well. The nurse is a part of a team. Congruent on how Sir Paul most recently will open for the London Olympics with other musicians and how he demonstrated his delightful music with other well estabished musical performers for the Queen’s celebration. Oh the joy when one truly is living their passion…..and it’s not just Another Day in the life of a Nurse.                                                                                                               Comments welcomed.

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