Clinical Speciality Educators are Pros with a Vision – 

 bringing focused nursing practice to greater heights

 empowering nurses to see the light .

 Together, the Educator and the Clinical Staff

 evolve into something even better –

 They become a catalyst of evidenced based 

 change as the essence of good behind their

 patient care practice




One response to “HOME

  1. bonenurse

    March 2, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    I WELCOME YOU to a new and exciting Blog focused on Clinical Speciality Education!
    Our nursing world is changing through Transformational leadership Education from Clinical Speciality Experts like you. We can improve our approach on how we educate nurses.

    So, whether you are a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Speciality Nurse Instructor, Nurse Educator, Professional Staff Development Specialist, Nurse Preceptor, or dedicate Unit Staff Mentor you have come to the RIGHT PLACE. My hope is to have Specialists network and gain a greater Knowledge Base for providing Ortho, Neuro, Rehab, and focused Med-Surg Clinical Education.
    So, Move around the site and find the spot to comment as you like to your focus and get recognized, afterall, ….isn’t all about helping empower others. Thanks for visiting! Cheers, BoneNurse.


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