This page is about sharing and supporting all the emotions experienced in ~being a nurse.

Pretending in the Lab coat

Let’s Blog!  Do you recall the first time you dreamed of becoming a professional nurse?  Did you know you would always go into nursing, or was it because you seen your dear grandmother sick in the hospital which made you take on the profession? How about the first time you successfully started an IV on a real patient? What about the time you lost your first patient?

As the nurse’s role continues to take on even more responsibility today, it becomes important for clinical educators, to help future professionals (and each other) discuss the truly personal experience of what one experiences in being a nurse. Which at times can be highly stressful for the one wearing the uniform, as we know is for the client. The highs to can be as emotional as the bitter-sweet lows. By allowing clinical learners to ventilate and encourage the sharing of such experiences, students will become more confident, develop a professional caring attitude, and become better in applying their coping skills.



  1. bonenurse

    March 8, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    THE OTHER DAY,I heard a Critical Care nurse call new nurses “baby nurses”. I was a bit taken back. In my opinion, people who enter nursing school are already adults. They are striving to grow as adults. Every profession has their less experienced worker, this dosen’t make him/her a baby.
    If we are to educate “our own” then we need to empower them, and referencing them appropriately is the first part of this. These are future leaders in healthcare, and if they passed the NCLEX-RN, then they are on their wayand are called a Nurse . Babies start out in the womb. Nurses graduate and pass the boards.


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