ABOUT the bigger bubble

I believe today young people know their interests earlier in what they want to do in practice…. it is up to excellent clinical leaders to empower them. Clinical Specialization Education should never be taught by a Theory Instructor who is simply assigned to “teach” clinical rotation instruction when s/he haven’t worked within that speciality.  Such important clinically focused education for future nursing professionals must be provided by you, those who are the speciality leaders. 

Now, with a shortage of nursing faculty, lack of clinical sites, and such clinical sites being stretched to the max in trying to accommodate more students, with increased stress applied to an already stressful environment for staff nurses…We know know this is bigger than the bubble which is developing in front of usAlready more and more programs hook their clinical programs with hospital staff to provide more formal direct clinical speciality education instead of being “assigned  to a RN” as their clinical preceptor which has been the prior custom. CNSs and Educators do more education with new graduates than students get in learning clinical practice labs and caring for real humans.  Yet, with a need for more nurses, there are more fast-track programs lacking this hands-on clinical practice. As educators we are performing new changes occurring in our profession as fast as they are developing. Rapidly changing Technology such as Human Simulation Education , computer-guided hand coordinators for IV insertions, Electronic Medical Records and Informatics of all sorts are modalities many of us already have instructed to our patient care learners.  We truly are changing the ways Clinical Education is being delivered.  I know you would agree with me this is an exciting time to be in Clinical Speciality Education. We want the best of what we do and for Who we are!

It is my hope that this blog site provides clinical experts an opportunity to network, share new ideas, continue to grow in their loved speciality and always be challenged with new teaching endeavors constantly evolving within their loved clinical speciality. I welcome you and look forward to networking with you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Patricia Patricia A. Ryndak Krys  MS, RN, BS, ONC – Author


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