When will you make a diet change?

07 Jun

Eating Healthy is important at all ages. Children need a well-balanced meal plan with all food groups. As for adults, there are many choice diets which a person can choose and still remain in the an energy promoting, healthy , nutritious feed. For instance, when I was a teenager, I literally grew up on McDonald’s Big Macs. ( However healthy they were at the time, now I couldn’t take the fat and sodium that it contains today). Yet, I have been a lacto-ova vegetarian for most of my entire life since I was about age 22. I started out giving up meats…Yes, Big Macs came first. My father was a “meat & and potatoes” man and we would have some of the best Porterhouse and Rump Roasts my mom could cook.The trouble is that the extent of veggies that went with the beef were peas & carrots. By time I was 12 I ate enough peas & carrots to make it arround the world if structured side by side!  The next step was giving up the chicken. Being a baby boomer, all good baby boomers grew up on the finger-lickin’ good stuff. Just the regular, (I couldn’t stand the extra crispy). My last throw-away was the Thanksgiving Day meat. This was the hardest to give up. The thing that I found out about living like this, is that when you give up meat, you get to eat every thing else you have missed along the way.

I enjoy my food, I eat well, and I still eat fish. Linda McCartney once told me ( as Paul snatched my magic-marker to continue on to sign his autographs) “Don’t think of it a sea food, think of it as sea life”. I know there will come a time when I don’t eat fish anymore, I cut back, and this isn’t something that I am at all too conscious about doing. I am continually finding new, healthy and so ever-good tasting foods that can take up my plate as well as fish or eggs.

So, when your palate begins to grow up, and you experiment with new ways of supplying yourself sustance…please enjoy! As health educators do teach about the health benefits that come from good eating it is important to share the delight in the efforts of improving your appetite for the better. THE CHANGE is the journey, and it tastes good too!. I want to share with you a blog that is interesting. Another medical persons approach to achieving a different ( not necessarily new ) diet… The Paleo diet.  A Physician’s Whole 30 Experience: What I Learned.


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